It Takes a Village!

Schools need more than supplies...they need man power!

Successful schools have support in the work room, preparing class activities, making copies, laminating, organizing, cutting, gluing, you name it, somebody has to do it! And if it’s not a volunteer, it’s the teacher staying until 6 or 7 each night!

Successful classrooms have volunteers working with small groups to enhance Reading and Math skills. Students greatly benefit from small group instruction...which is difficult to do in a classroom of 25+ unless you have dedicated volunteers!

Imagine how much increasing a struggling schools volunteer hours from 40 per week to 500 hours per week...what a tremendous difference that would make!

There are many ways to help...whether you do so from home or at a school.

Have time to volunteer? Get some friends, your church, or community group together for a crafty make and donate session. There are millions of educational games, books, and activities out there! A little cutting and gluing could become quite an asset to a teacher to use in the classroom! Contact us for some ideas.

Are you good at fundraising? You or your organization could make a huge difference in the lives of children living right here in your community! Let us know if you or your organization would like to sponsor us! Imagine the feeling of supplying a classroom with new laptops where previously three grade levels shared a class set!

Some schools are very fortunate to have a large number of parent volunteers to work in the school workroom. Sometimes volunteers are turned away because there just isn’t enough work to spread around...unfortunately this is not the case at every school. Commit to a few hours a week at a school in a different neighborhood. You could make a real impact!